Our Wedding Date: July 27, 2013

Wedding Updates!

  • Invites...yippeeee!

    If there is one D.I.Y. thing I'm most excitied about, it has to be our invitations. It has been a while since I have been able to use my design skills to create something for ME...not for the footabll team or for a student! I spent quite a bit of time perfecting these babies. The process was- design, edit and design again, print, cut, score, score, fold, perforate, sticker, stamp, print envelope, match name, stuff, stamp, seal, and finally MAIL! PHEW!!!

    You will see they have an attached RSVP postcard that you will simply fill out and pop in your mailbox. Easy peasy! We added a "creative response" portion hoping to get some fun results to display at the reception. I am anxious to see what our crazy/fun guests will come up with. We are hoping to get these back by July 1st so check your mailbox , add our sticker to your calendar and start brainstorming!!!

    Added on Sun, May 12th 2013

  • 3 months to go!!!

    Things are moving quickly these days! My to-do list seems to grow longer even as I check items off. Not sure how that keeps happening?! The good news is that we have all the major items checked off. The bridal party is all set and my craft room has been transformed into wedding centeral! Invites are printed and now just need to be addressed and stamped. I can't wait to share my designs with you all... I'm pretty proud of it ;) The hotel block is all set-up and ready to go and dates are filling up for all the fun parties that go along with a wedding (showers, bacheor/bacherloette, brunches, rehersals) WE ARE GETTING EXCITIED!!!!

    Check back for updates soon :)

    Added on Fri, Apr 26th 2013

  • Finally got the ball rolling!


    Venue reservation...check

    Reception venue and food…1/2 check

    Registry....sorta check

    We were having a hard time deciding on what to feed our fabulous guest so we need to go back one more time to taste all they have to offer. At least we are 100% sure on the caterer and reception hall. It is gorgeous!!!!

    As for registering, I feel uncomfortable asking for gifts. It just isn’t our style. We have lived together for 3 years and have way too much STUFF already! I was told that it is rude NOT to have a registry since some people enjoy giving gifts. That being said, we are going to do a small list through an easily accessible store such as Target and we also created an online registry through Honeyfund.com. It basically gives guests the option to help us with our honeymoon. The links can be found under the "Registries" tab on the left.

    Next up...getting Lenny to move his butt on asking groomsmen!

    Added on Thu, Jan 10th 2013

  • DIY I do!

    I am having so much fun making things myself for our wedding. So far I have finished the bridesmaids cards and started our save-the-dates. The list is extremely long but I think I can handle it. 

    Added on Sun, Dec 9th 2012

  • Can't wait to start planning!

    Millington, MI

    We have been so busy with teaching, football, volleyball, coaches parties, master's work, and the usual "stuff" that takes up all of our time that we haven't had a single second to plan any  of the fun details of our special day. Today, we took some time to start this site... I hope it helps to keep us organized and gives us a way to keep in-touch with all of our guests. The next 10 months is going to FLY BY! 

    Added by Taylor & Lenny on Sun, Oct 21st 2012

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